January Favourites


Sure. It’s well past January. I know that. In fact it’s mid-February already. But dates be damned – here is my January favourites list. It’s been a pretty good month for our little family. We went from a family of three to one of four with the birth of our son. S has been on leave since T joined us so we’ve all been hanging out, eating watermelon, kissing the baby, playing at the park, fruitlessly trying to catch up on sleep. You know. All the life stuff. Plus the endless feedings have given me plenty of time to browse the interwebs…

Sarah x

January Favourites

“He’s so freaking hot when he’s quoting Marx.” Fifty Shades of Socialist Feminism

– Ronnie Scott’s short book/long essay Salad Days examines modern foodie culture with both wit and wonderful writing

This video of poet/activist Maya Angelou’s hip hop rendering of her poem ‘Harlem Hopscotch’ is all kinds of awesome

“I can’t talk to you because our computers are not compatible and our songlines aren’t in tune…” – from ‘Some words no longer work’ by the wonderful poet Samuel Wagan Watson

– Please watch this. It is all kinds of beautiful.

Dear All The Women Who Ever Existed Over The Entire Span Of Human History

– I’ve recently discovered the joys of millet, so am looking forward to waking up to this as soon as autumn hits

– Given my love of all things breakfast, this Seriously Super Cereal is right up my alley

– Blood oranges make desserts look so much prettier, and this cake looks all kinds of tasty

– More blood orange! This time in the form of sesame tahini cookies. Ooh yeh

– This Pomelo & Noodle Salad is summer on a plate

– Match green tea. Cake. Black sesame frosting. Yes please

– Though they’re not exactly traditional, I’m going to bake these bad boys to celebrate 2015 Chinese New Year

– Mostly I eat carrots raw and crunchy (often dipped in peanut butter!), but this carrot soup topped with chilli oil sounds remarkably good

– It’s HOT here in Brisbane and often ice cream is the only answer

– Some fantastic reading on the 2015 Stella Prize Longlist

– The Australian Human Rights Commission has just released their report on asylum seeker children being held in mandatory detention: “prolonged detention is having profoundly negative impacts on the mental and emotional health and development of children.” For shame, Australia. For shame.

– Let’s all get together and celebrate the unexpected but most welcome defeat of Campbell Newman and the LNP

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