April Favourites


Sometimes writing about food feels… trivial. This week Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, along with six others, were executed by firing squad in Indonesia. Yet another young black man dies in police custody and the Baltimore riots are spreading across the States. Another woman was murdered for no reason other than that she was a woman. A teenager is raped at knife point and the mayor thinks it is okay to suggest that women shouldn’t walk anywhere alone. Thousands upon thousands of Nepalese have died, been injured, lost their families and homes after a devastating earthquake.

And here I am writing about food. Is it trivial? Perhaps. But it is also life. We can’t stop doing the things that make us happy, that enrich our imaginations and creative lives. The world is a pretty fucked up place and we do what we can to help – whether it is by donating funds, through our work, or simply by informing ourselves and being aware of our own privilege. And in between, let’s cook and eat and share.

Sarah x

– This beautiful and heartrending graphic adaptation of Nam Le’s The Boat

– I can’t get over these amazing stone sculptures by Japanese artist Jiyuseki

A Bird’s Guide To Flight

– The feminist subtext in The Simpsons that you missed when you were a kid

– A reminder that women rock

– This one is for the Melbournites, coz we’re all dickheads sometimes

Skategirls of Kabul, rockin’ it

– As climate change heats up, creatures from tigers to orangutans risk extinction

– An ode to bread

Meyer Lemon Almond Cake – classic flavours never go out of style

Soup + toppings!

– Loving the soup recipes now that the weather is cooling down

Crispy avocado fries?! Ah, yes please

– Who’s coming over to make me this Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

– These carrots look both pretty and delicious

– These mini galettes look all type of tasty

– Just started reading this; a well-written and chilling account of a man-made environmental disaster

Love is in small things


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