September Favourites


I’m going to keep it short and sweet. It’s been a long week and today I am all kinds of tired. But spring is in the air, and the streets that I walk down daily are blushing red with bottlebrush trees all abloom; last week the kids and I foraged this bunch as we meandered home from the library, and it’s been sitting on my desk ever since. At this very moment I’m en route to a writers festival down south, bub fast asleep in my arms, old friends to catch up with. Life could be worse.

Sarah x


September Favourites

“A kiss knows no borders…”

– This unbelievable whale encounter

– Getting my head around the refugee crisis

– “One of my goals in life is to become truly rabbinical, to be able to answer closed questions with open questions, to have the internal authority to be a good gatekeeper when intruders approach…”, the always-insightful and ever-challenging Rebecca Solnit

– Sprouted Kitchen’s take on Heidi Swanson’s Brown Sugar Tofu & Mushroom Spring Rolls

– Just started reading it, but already loving Fiona Wright’s intelligent and beautifully written collection of essays, Small Acts of Disappearance

Zhoug Risotto sounds like a mash-up of many favourite things

– This simple and colourful soup looks perfect for mild spring evenings

– Waiting for blackberry season here in Brisbane so I can eat many of these

– Loving all the kiwi recipes from My Darling Lemon Thyme, but these granitas look especially inviting

– Vibrant and vegan nectarine tarts? Yes please!

– Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far Cookbook is just what you would expect: beautiful tactile design, muted images, evocative storytelling, and welcoming inventing recipes

– Coffee. Design. Want.

– Heading down to Newcastle today for Australia’s bestest, craziest writers festival

– “The citizen-control methods of modern western governments are much more low-profile: less jackboot than gumboot.” Margaret Atwood on why we are double-plus unfree

Sociality barbie!

– This house is amazeballs

– A critical – and insightful – take on ‘ethnic’ food trends

– These buns look both interesting and delicious

– Explore Brisbane through the eyes of her poets

The Misandry Hour! Get podcasting.

– Who can resist golden food?!

– This is from earlier in the year but creamy. cashew. indian. butter. fried. paneer. yes please.


Photos taken in 2013 at the beautiful Reaching Out Tea House in Hoi An, Vietnam

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