February Favourites


I want it to go on
this deep blue tide that trembles
at the edge of the sky.”

– from ‘broken’ by Max Ryan

I’ve had better months. It felt as though a plague took our house. Each of us got sick one at a time (poor W got two goes), which meant that at least someone was sick for two weeks straight. I’m not sure what was more of a pain – trying to care for two rambunctious kids while feeling like shit myself, or looking after a small sick little darling who wanted to, literally, cuddle all day long. In amongst it all though were some lovely moments. A weekend away on the blue beaches of Byron Bay with my parents and their partners, my brother and sister-in-law and gorgeous little niece. And being a part of the vigil for Baby Asha in support of the doctors and nurses at Lady Cilento Hospital was heartbreaking, of course, but also heartwarming.

I’m looking forward to March – onwards, my friends! In the meantime, some favourites for you all…

Sarah x

February Favourites
  • #LetThemStay
  • How great are these crocheted food-themed hats?! Cutest things ever.
  • And on the same theme, knitted fruits n veges! I like the radishes
  • “For a time, the skeleton might stay hitched jerkily at the spine to its parachute of muscle; a macabre marionette dangling in the slight currents.” A superb piece of writing about whales and death on Granta from Rebecca Giggs
  • Black beluga hummus on Dolly and Oatmeal sounds oh so delicious
  • Anything with sesame and tahini wins me over
  • Ful Medames is one of all-time favourite meals
  • “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag…” I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but fuck it’s good
  • Like a Queen
  • The best meal I ever ate was Masala Dosa at a busy little restaurant in Delhi – looking forward to giving this version a try
  • I’m throwing this one in for my own nostalgia – in our early uni days my friend Anna and I used to drink White Russians, and cause ruckus!
  • Women doing great things in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • “It is the truest, highest purpose of language to make things clear and help us see; when words are used to do the opposite you know you’re in trouble and that maybe there’s a coverup.” Why is Rebecca Solnit always so. damn. good.
  • And just once more, for good measure, #LetThemStay

The picture above is Sweet Potato & Thyme Galette – it was delicious! I’ll post the recipe up soon.

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