January Favourites


“In my way of thinking, anything is possible. Life is at the bottom of things and belief at the top, while the creative impulse, dwelling in the center, informs all.”
– Patti Smith, M Train

We ended 2015 by having dinner with old friends then sharing a bottle of champagne – just S and I – before getting into bed well before midnight. It was most lovely. We started 2016 with a long walk, a train ride, and coffee. Also most lovely. And since those cruisy beginnings, January seems to have hit like a bomb. S and I are both really busy with work, the weather is heating up to all kinds of crazy fuck-climate-change-is-a-bitch degrees, and I already feel ready for a holiday.

On the flipside, I’ve been drinking ice coffees most days, gotten heaps of writing done, and am reading Patti Smith’s wonderful new memoir. So there’s that. Plus, this Saturday just past we made a spread of hummus and olives and cheeses and boiled eggs and fresh market veges and bread for dinner, then ate it out on the deck with the setting sun, and it was all really, really tasty. Sometimes all we really need are the small pleasures. And for the in between moments, some reads…

Sarah x

January Favourites
  • I want to go to all of these places! Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • “We have to find a way to want to eat what’s good for us.” An interesting read on the formation and creation of eating habits
  • I’m loving the Japanese breakfast!
  • This mother of all veggie bowls, because, um, YES PLEASE
  • “Comfort food is not only the food on our plate but also the non-food aspects of daily life that nourish us all the same,” from Katie’s lovely and mindful series on comfort food (that includes a contribution from yours truly)
  • Listening to Bowie; an oldie, but a goodie
  • Definitely going to whip up a batch of this, and this (Heidi always brings the best twists on classic recipes)
  • How gorgeous is this new website?! Combines some of my very favourite things – community values, lovely photography – plus it’s all about my hood
  • Homemade splices! Summer on a stick
  • It’s not even citrus season here, but this is all kinds of pretty
  • Looking forward to giving this miso twist on hummus a go soon…
  • The practice of hygge (via bluemilk)
  • I’ve made this before and I will make it again – it isn’t new but it is one of the better things you’ll ever put in your mouth, trust me (or you can try my peaches/cardamom version)
  • Chocolate. Cookie. Bars. Haven’t made them yet but I most definitely will (plus I love David Lebovitz)
  • Made this salad for lunch on Saturday (with walnuts instead of the pecans) and it was damn tasty
  • On a plate


  1. We love that kind of dinner spread too and just did it the other weekend. Ha! And there so many great links here…especially appreciated the hygge article. And I’m honored you’ve included the comfort series in your line-up, thank you!

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention that I made Heidi’s carrot sauce you linked to. It was really delicious – served it over steam veg – and I’m sure you’ll like it too. The ginger made it quite strong – or maybe I just have a heavy hand- which our adult palate loved. But a kid’s might not. 😉

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