Tofu Salad


I’m in a state of waiting. Each day as the heat builds and the grey clouds roll in on top of one another I wait for the summer afternoon rains to fall. Endless reading of the news and various social media streams waiting in the countdown for the state election. And as my belly grows and tightens and the days tick by and my due date looms, I wait for the baby to come. Continue reading

Spaghetti with Shaved Asparagus & Chilli


I know, I know – this post is two days late. Truth is, I don’t really have a good excuse. Summer holidays have been settling under my skin, so that the days are long and then suddenly gone, while the weeks fly by in a blink. For a change I haven’t been spending a lot of time in front of the computer. The heat and humidity and late stages of pregnancy are making me slower than usual. I shift between bouts of energy and the desire to lay down and simply daydream.

Much as I would like to spend my time in a state of heightened relaxation, toddlers don’t quite allow for that. So we’ve been spending a lot of time down the pool, me wallowing in the water and W either rearranging the sand, handful by handful, or laughing and being thrown up in the air with S. We also spend a fair amount of time at the library, where it is cool and quiet and we can all indulge our love of books. Continue reading

Pistachio & Lemon Cake


There is something both hopeful and tacky about the hype and celebration around New Years Eve. Truth be told, I’ve always preferred the first morning of the year to the night before. Waking up to a fresh slate (or at the least, watching the sun rise to a new year). The world in anticipation.

Yesterday, after reading Beth’s post on Local Milk, I started thinking about my own past new year celebrations. Given the general theme of the Local Milk post, the one that sprung to my mind first was a New Years Eve some ten, eleven years ago (I don’t remember exactly which one). I was camping in the bush at a festival with my dear friend Nev. We took copious amounts of acid and spent the night drinking whiskey in a steam room, skinny-dipping in the river, swimming in the mud, and learning about the stars and constellations. As the sun rose we drank pink champagne and watched the bush turn from shades of grey to green and brown and pale yellow. Continue reading

Beetroot, Lentil & Cherry Salad


I’ve been having technicolour dreams of late. Really clear dreams that seem totally realistic, without the surreal quality that dreams so often have. Bright dreams full of piercing sunshine and fast-paced narrative. When I wake up in the middle of the night it takes me a good minute or two to readjust to this reality and work out where I am and what I am doing. By the morning though I’ve forgotten most of the dreams. All that stays with me is a snippet or two, a snapshot image.

I’m not sure what is causing the strange dreaming. Perhaps it is the hot sultry nights we’ve been having – heat always messes with my sleeping and dreaming patterns. It could also be the fact that I am in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Full of hormones, and baby. Either way I find the dreaming both unsettling and exciting. I’ve always loved dreaming. When I was a teenager I used to write down my dreams every morning as a way to train myself to remember them better. Continue reading

Potato Latkes


For the first time in my life, I’m living in a house that has a Christmas tree. And it has presents underneath it! It may be a paper tree about 10cm tall, but it is a tree nonetheless. It was S’s idea to bring some Christmas spirit into the house now that W is (kind of) old enough to catch on to the whole shebang. Usually we would be in Victoria at his mum’s place for the holiday, but as I’m giving birth in a few weeks we’ve decided to stay close to home this year. A quiet one, just the three of us. I think I understand it now – the way the excitement builds as you watch the pile of presents under the tree grow, but you’re not allowed to actually open them until Christmas morning.

We’ve decided not to go overboard on the whole presents thing though. We don’t want Christmas to become all about THE STUFF for W. We’re sticking with a few books this year – and whatever goodies come from the grandparents – and as she gets older we’ll ask her to give away some of her old toys each year to make way for the new ones. Continue reading

Nectarine, Pistachio & Cauliflower Couscous


Lately I’ve been waking up in the early hours of the morning, needing to get a drink and go to the toilet. I love walking through the silent house. We leave the blinds and windows open at night so that the cool air and moon shadows drift through. The cold water from the fridge is like honey nectar to my parched mouth, and before crawling back into bed beside S, I always open up the mosquito net around W’s bed and check in on her, fast asleep, snoring ever so softly.

I suppose that moments alone are far and few between these days. Some people recharge through company, others through time spent alone, and I’ve always been someone drawn to solitude. I have also always been an early riser and used to love the quiet of the house before anyone else was awake, whether it was doing yoga with the morning sun, or drinking a cuppa and reading the news in the garden. These days W also wakes nice and early, which of course is its own kind of lovely. Continue reading

Cashew & Cacao Bean Smoothie


During our recent Balinese sojourn we stayed in Penestanan, an area just on the outskirts of Ubud. Our house wasn’t accessible by car – to reach the area from the main road below we had to climb a long flight flight of stairs shadowed by tropical plants. Once up the top everything was interconnected by concrete walkways that were bordered on one side by a shallow flowing stream, and on the other side by houses, or greenery, or long drops into fern-studded ravines. The area also had its own little assortment of shops, cafes, and fruit stalls.

On our first day in Bali, after the long lines at customs and the drive from the airport, we arrived in Ubud just before nightfall. W was tired and S and I were fucking starving. Only a few minutes walk from our place, we discovered the Yellow Flower Cafe, having its weekly Balinese buffet. The food was all kinds of delicious – laden with tempeh, peanuts, green beans, toasted coconut. Continue reading