Pistachio Dukkah

I’m sitting on the couch, cross-legged, woolen socks on. It’s late afternoon, raining outside, low grey skies, seeping damp. Both of the kids are asleep. I’m balancing a milky cup of earl grey tea and a thick slice of banana bread on the couch armrest. Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook is open on the table in front […]

Grilled Persimmon & Wild Rice Salad

branches down there in the mist, of luscious red-orange, ripe-in-their-thin-skin persimmons, pulpy – transparent with frost. Improbably festive From ‘Persimmons: Campagnatico’, David Malouf Before we moved up to Brisbane we lived in Brunswick, Melbourne. One of the great things about that part of the world is the network of bluestone alleyways that wend their way […]